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Who is Reproductive Transparency Now?

We are a pro-abortion (pro-choice)  volunteer-run organization based in Chicago, Illinois. Our activities are focused on protesting and raising awareness about anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which are creating harmful barriers to abortion access in all 50 states.

Our Mission

Reproductive Transparency Now (RTN) empowers the general public by providing truthful information about reproductive options and dispelling misinformation. We seek to build a movement which, over time, will ensure that crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are held accountable for their practices and transparent with their motives to prevent pregnant people from obtaining a wanted abortion.


RTN will engage in a number of activities to make progress toward this goal, including:

  • Raising public awareness of CPCs through peaceful demonstrations and community outreach.

  • Providing educational, medically-accurate information about abortion and where to obtain safe and legal reproductive care.

  • Facilitating thoughtful discussions about how abortion access contributes to larger societal issues surrounding reproductive justice and gender, racial, and socioeconomic equity.

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