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Crisis Pregnancy Centers:
It's About More Than Abortion

"Crisis pregnancy centers," or CPCs, try to hide their anti-abortion agenda, but did you know they are also putting the sexual and reproductive health of under-resourced and marginalized communities at risk? Watch the videos, then click the button below to learn more.
Maleeha's Personal Story
Maleeha Aziz, an abortion storyteller with We Testify, shares her experience going to a crisis pregnancy center and the impact it had on her decision to fight for abortion justice with TEA Fund.
SisterLove's Community Advocacy
Dázon Dixon Diallo, DHL, MPH, and Aimee Registe, Esq., of SisterLove, Inc., share important details about the fight for reproductive justice and reasons why crisis pregnancy centers pose a risk to sexual and reproductive health. This is a must-watch video!
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