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Anti-abortion "crisis pregnancy centers" are scary

But this Halloween, we're fighting back to make sure anti-abortion "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) stop haunting our communities. Scroll down to get started!

What are anti-abortion CPCs?

CPCs, or "fake clinics," are anti-abortion organizations that seek to intercept pregnant people who may be considering abortion and prevent them from accessing reproductive healthcare. Most CPCs are religiously-affiliated nonprofit organizations, and they present themselves as unbiased medical providers (even though they are not). CPCs use reproductive coercion, deceptive tactics, and medical disinformation to achieve their goals.

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Step 1

Identify CPCs located nearby

Have you walked or driven past a "pregnancy center" that advertises free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and options counseling? If their website is full of abortion information but they don't provide or refer for abortion care, that's a CPC!

Step 2

Check the Reproaction Fake Clinic Database

Make sure the CPC in your community is included in the Reproaction Fake Clinic Database. You can use the filters on the page to narrow down to your location. If you don't see it there, submit a request to add it!

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Step 3

Check the Expose Fake Clinics website

Make sure the CPC in your community is included in the Expose Fake Clinics List by State. Use the data filter options on the page to narrow down the list. If you don't see the CPC in there, submit a request to add it!

Step 4

Inform your community about Fake Clinics

Browse our collection of articles and videos so that you can learn more about how spooky CPCs really are. Then, use our community toolkits by state to start making a plan for in-person action.

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Join us in the fight against CPCs!

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