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CPC Fact Checkers

You already know that crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) spread misinformation. How can you respond to their false claims?

At RTN, we are often asked for resources and materials that can help pro-abortion and pro-choice activists counter the anti-abortion propaganda that is spread by CPCs. This webpage is organized by topic to help you dive into the details. This page is a work in progress, so please keep checking back!

To jump directly to a topic of interest, click on the links below:

Fiction: "Post Abortion Syndrome" (PAS)

Fact: PAS is anti-abortion propaganda
PAS is a made-up "syndrome" that anti-abortion activists use to cultivate fear of abortion. You will can see for yourself how CPCs use PAS in their propaganda via websites that promote "post-abortion counseling."

Here are some resources you can use to learn the facts

"The Spread of 'Post Abortion Syndrome' as Social Diagnosis"
by Kimberly Kelly
published by Social Science & Medicine 102 (2014) pp18-25

"Perceived abortion stigma and psychological well-being over five years after receiving or being denied an abortion"
by M. Antonia Biggs, Katherine Brown, Diana Greene Foster
published by PLoS ONE 15(1): e0226417, 29 Jan 2020
Also see a summary of this research at

Post Abortion Syndrome
Fiction: Link Between Abortion & Breast Cancer

Fact: There is no proven link between abortion and breast cancer
CPCs cite a handful of early retrospective case-control studies to justify their false claims; however, many studies with better scientific design have found no link between induced abortion and breast cancer.

Here are some resources you can use to learn the facts

"Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk"
by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
published by ACOG Committee Opinion, No. 424, June 2009 (reaffirmed 2021)

"Reproductive History and Cancer Risk"
Relevant section is titled, "Is abortion linked to breast cancer risk?"

by National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
published by NCI, last reviewed on November 9, 2016

"Abortion and Breast Cancer Risk"
by American Cancer Society
last revised on June 19, 2014

Breast Cancer

Please keep checking back on this page for updates!

Our "Fact vs. Fiction" page is a new feature on our website, and we are working diligently to build it up with credible resources as we evaluate them. We appreciate your patience! Please consider subscribing to our email list so that you can get notified about updates in the future!

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