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To the media: Stop buying into the anti-abortion narrative, start asking questions

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Illinois Senate Bill 1909, which clarifies the existing consumer fraud act in Illinois to apply to “limited services pregnancy centers” or “crisis pregnancy centers,” was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker on Thursday, July 27th. Reproductive Transparency Now had the privilege of joining Attorney General Kwame Raoul, Rep. Terra Costa Howard (D-42), Rep. Gregg Johnson (D-72), Planned Parenthood of Illinois, and Chicago Abortion Fund for a press conference in downtown Chicago. Below is a written transcript of remarks given by Reproductive Transparency Now’s founder.

A group of eight speakers, politicians, and abortion rights advocates pose in front of a "Planned Parenthood" branded step and repeat after Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul's press conference on Thursday, July 27th, 2023.

“My name is Lisa Battisfore and I am the founder of Reproductive Transparency Now, an organization based here in Chicago dedicated solely to raising awareness about these ‘crisis pregnancy centers,’ or fake clinics, in Illinois and throughout the country. And in a moment you're going to hear from [Alicia Hurtado of Chicago Abortion Fund] some personal touching stories and I'm going to leave that part to them. But what I wanted to talk from the heart about today is why Senate Bill 1909 is so very important.

“The prevailing narrative across the country is painting a picture that these ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ are doing some kind of social good. Meanwhile, below the surface, there are things going on that are darker than you can imagine. And they know this at the highest levels, they know what they are doing.

“You can see it by their strategy to have multiple websites with different messages.

“You can see it in their shady referral networks.

“You can see it in the pamphlets that they are giving to their clients and the way that they are purposely delaying healthcare for those [clients].

“You can hear it in the lived experiences and stories.

The founder of Reproductive Transparency Now speaks at the podium of the press conference  at Planned Parenthood, as Rep. Gregg Johnson and CEO Jennifer Welch look on.

“And so with this bill, it really signifies in Illinois that we are no longer glossing over and accepting this prevailing narrative. ‘Crisis pregnancy centers’ are a cornerstone of the anti-abortion movement’s strategy. It is not some side activity.

“I want to issue a challenge not only to the public, but to the media–many of you sitting here–to understand that there is something much deeper going on. Ask questions. When you hear that prevailing narrative, dig deeper. Ask why. Ask how when they talk about the services they're providing, because that is the only way that we will get to the truth and that we will help the public understand that truth. So thank you for being here today and thank you for being a part of the solution.”

To file a complaint about a “crisis pregnancy center” in Illinois, go to the File a Complaint page on the Illinois Attorney General’s website.

To view the complete video from the press conference held at Planned Parenthood of Illinois on July 27th, 2023, please access this post on Planned Parenthood Illinois Action’s Facebook page.

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